II. The Peculiar Case of a Spell and the Troublesome Book of Anthropology- Continued


Sha and Patta, a rough sketch

There are things in the Great Empire that greatly confused Sha once he arrived at the Academy. Firstly, he was surprised to learn that his home nation, in the Imperial tongue, is called the Minor Blue Marsh Kingdom. Not only did they get the colour wrong, there is not a single marsh in it.

The first time he corrected Mrs. Splint and said it is actually named “Deep Green Forest Kingdom”, was also when he found out it is better to completely avoid speaking when you have green skin.

Sha was used to being picked on, but today he found it to be particularly unpleasant. Apparently, he was going to be used as a guinea pig to test a new pigment-changing spell. If it weren’t for Lotta, his green complexion would have been replaced by a creamy white and he decidedly did not like that idea.

After she ran away with the spell, Sha decided to follow suit with a quiet retreat while the commotion was still at its peak. Unfortunately, he only managed to get as far as the men’s bathroom, when he was stopped by a group of not so nice young wizards.

‘Well, well, well. Look at what we have here!’ said Rombust, a mean-looking boy, who although was the same age as Sha, intimidated even professors with his height. Or was it his family’s wealth? Sha couldn’t seem to recall at the moment. To his dismay, three of Rombust’s friend were starting to mutter binding spells.

‘I have good news for you, green fart. Lotta’s mom is back with that fun spell! Isn’t that exciting?’ Rombust said in a terrifyingly cheerful tone. He took out a small metal orb from his pocket and started playfully throwing it in the air. Sha did not like the look of that orb. Not one bit.

‘You don’t look excited. Maybe you need a bit of help!’ with the last word, Rombust threw the orb at Sha, who tried to dodge and realized too late he couldn’t move.

Sha closed his eyes, but the orb never reached his face. When he heard it hit the floor, Sha peeked and saw puzzled expressions on Rombust’s and his friends’ faces.

‘Phew, that took some time! Sorry about that Sha, that spell is pretty darn hard to cast.’ Lotta’s voice could be heard, but she was nowhere to be seen. Sha was looking around and finally saw her floating high above his head with Patta sitting on her shoulder.

‘Where did you learn that? That’s advanced spellcasting, only seniors are able to do! And how the hell are you using a hovering spell at the same ti…?!’ Rombust couldn’t finish his sentence, as Patta decided his face would be a perfect landing spot.

‘Seems like I got lucky then’ said Lotta, while she softly landed next to her best friend. ‘Release, Sha. Now.’ she said with a silent, but menacing tone.

Patta was now sitting on Rombust’s head, clawing at it mercilessly. Rombust looked around for help, but all of his friends were long gone. He cursed loudly. It meant out of four binding spells, only his was keeping Sha from moving. Rombust knew his position was hopeless, but his pride would not let Lotta have her way. ‘I just need to stall them long enough for Mrs. Splint to come. As long as I keep that green fart bound, they’re not going anywhere..’ he thought.

‘He’s going to call Mrs. Splint!’ Patta screeched. ‘How did you… You can talk?!’ cried Rombust. Terrified at the idea that a talking creature, clawing at his head, can read his mind, Rombust lost his focus on the binding spell. Patta jumped off his head and ran towards Lotta, who dropped the invisible wall and instead started to mutter a hovering spell again.

‘Wha… Wait, where are we…?’ said Sha. He felt his body slowly beginning to float towards the window. ‘I’ll explain later.’ Lotta shortly cut him off. A moment later she was relieved to feel Patta grab onto her shoulder. She looked down one last time and saw Rombust running off towards the Principal’s Chambers.

‘We don’t have much time, Sha.’ Lotta said as they landed on the roof of the Academy. ‘I am running away. You have to decide now whether you want to come with me or stay behind.’ she looked at Sha with hope in her eyes. It didn’t take him long to answer.

‘I have a backpack ready in Babi’s backyard. In case, you know, Rombust’s tricks became unbearable…’ he smiled nervously.

‘Time to pay Babi a visit’ Lotta smiled and jumped off the roof.


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11 thoughts on “II. The Peculiar Case of a Spell and the Troublesome Book of Anthropology- Continued

  1. Monochrome of greys are green coloured lizards, they tend to be extremely wicked and would changing its colour change its heart? Spell the magic with another colour in opposites, or be out numbered by lizards. Not a dream but a nightmare to elude, wary of pitfalls and planks of thorns, keeping your heart pure and above all lizards, takes cloudless discipline and Love.


    • The transgressions of species compliments the magical aspects of foximunk’s evolution. Internally, magical auras exhibit less cohesion between the mind and the soul. Fortunately, contrasting lizard colours prevail.


      • Auras are by definition external, the mind connected to the soul, regardless of any colour, or amphibious creature, has a potential strength to be channelled for the good of mankind, that’s evolution, transgressions are, by the nature of the word, a provocation or a violent act and contradicts the word, compliment….


  2. This is quite interesting, would like to see the next part and what happens next!!



  3. Another enjoyable read! Can’t wait for the next part!


  4. Keep writing and testing the value of each word in the full picture


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