Savage Minds

I recently stumbled upon a great blog, while researching for anthropology. Savage Minds is a distinguished blog, written by numerous people, some of them guest bloggers. It’s a great place to have a read about contemporary issues in different societies and how they are being presented through an anthropological lens. Here is an awesome example written by Kerim about how anthropologists look at belief and religion :



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4 thoughts on “Savage Minds

  1. I will have a look at that link. Thank you for sharing.



  2. Hey, I read the article and posted a comment, let us think deeply about, why there is islamophobia, any stomach for the 21 Decapitated Christians? Let us pray. And not be insensitive to the Families of the ones who were burnt alive, tortured, decapitated publicly. Finding an academic topic in the study of global unity and trying to accept Islamists for their beliefs is reproachable in their practice of the Quran today, please read my brief comment on the article, thanks


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