III. The Outcast Wizard Teaching Anthropology


Rough sketch of Babi, the Outcast Wizard

As he walked into Flinn’s Spellshop, Babi was grateful for the calming smell of old parchment paper after his hectic walk through the Merchant’s Alley. He paused to admire his favorite bookstore, which looked deceivingly small to an untrained eye. Babi once heard a story of a young couple almost starving to death after getting lost in the Spellshop’s maze. Only powerful magicians, usually Senior Academics, venture into the store to browse for more knowledge and wisdom gathered since the beginning of the written word. It is also known as a place where Seniors send their most annoying pupils to have a a break from work for a day or two.

Babi carefully navigated through narrow aisles of bookshelves, overflowing with volumes of manuscripts. With each step he took, he could hear the rustling of pages as the books in front of him would slowly come to life. He ignored them and their inviting whispers, as he made his way to the back end of the shop, were he hoped to find its elusive owner.

‘Flinn! I need your help buddy! Come on out, I have some silver fairy sugar..’ Babi called out. Almost immediately he felt a strong current of air ripping through the aisle, spells dancing on the torrent like leaves in a storm.

‘My dear Babi! Long time no see! I see your face is as ugly as it used to be.’ Flinn replied already at his feet. He was a Frumple, a small blue creature that generally hated every race, including its own. They are, what one could say, the most anti-social beings found in the world.

‘It’s nice to see you too, Flinn’ said Babi. He reached into his pocket and took out a small package wrapped in petals. He held it up in the air enough so that Flinn could see it, while keeping it out of his reach. ‘I need to securely send a message to Levy. Can you do it for me?’ said Babi.

‘Isn’t he one of your pupils? Ha! You’re still teaching Anthropology, aren’t you? Isn’t it why they expelled you from the Academy in the first place? Seriously, there is no end to human stupidity.’ Flinn replied in a mocking tone. Babi said nothing, instead giving the spellshop owner a stern look. ‘Fine. Just give me that sugar, for Dargul’s sake.’ Flinn couldn’t stop himself from getting agitated. Fairy sugar just makes him forget his pride as a Frumple. Babi slowly put his hand down and Flinn quickly snatched the package, hiding it under his cloak before Babi could see it.

‘Letter.’ Flinn put his hand out. Babi sighed as he took it out from under his hat. ‘I might not be liked by the Academy’s snobs, but Flinn’s a lost case. No wonder he never sees his customers.’ he thought.

‘Here you go…’ as Babi said it, his arm started gleaming green. ‘Looks like someone broke into your house.’ Flinn sneered at him and disappeared with the letter in a puff of air.

‘What is it this time?’ Babi mumbled to himself. He set his house alarm with a spell to appear on his arm, like most advanced wizards in his age.  ‘Green, huh? Must be someone I know’ he thought. Babi muttered a transmitting spell and an instant later appeared in his office. He wasn’t at all surprised to see Lotta, Patta, and Sha staring at him with wide open eyes.

‘Babi!’ Lotta and Sha blurted out at the same time. Looking guilty, they quickly put down a map they were trying to decipher onto Babi’s desk.

‘So, tell me my dear granddaughter, what shenanigans bring you here today?’ Babi said as he sat down in his giant office chair, smiling at the thought of another amusing story.


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7 thoughts on “III. The Outcast Wizard Teaching Anthropology

  1. Cessela, I love this. I see a little JK Rowling in it but it doesn’t remind me of Harry Potter too much. I especially loved the paragraph about the bookstore. Since I think books are inherently magical, I imagine them easily coming to life, their pages whispering. This was a great read, and I can imagine it being published. I also started a blog for my writing. things


  2. Poised in your writing, a pleasure to read the flow of your attachment to the word, with regards to your respect to the word, allow me to quote to you a verse or two from an ancient book also filled with HIS Word: “In the beginning was the Word,…And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,…from an author not unknown to you, John. His writings are quite inspirational, in Revelations, wherein many accuse him of fantasy,..Food for thought and understanding of mankind.


  3. Great story! I’d like to get lost in that bookstore for a while. 🙂


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