Hope Against Hope

hope vs hope

Well… I am not going to make excuses.. Well, I guess I am actually. I was supposed to post a story about Lotta and her friends, but instead I am working on a different piece… *guilty eyes*

There is an Australian writing contest for short stories and poetry that I decided to take part in. The theme is Hope Against Hope and the entries are due March 6th, so I am a bit late when it comes to writing.

Anyway, I thought the whole idea of a writing contest is great for any blogger that is interested in testing or trying to improve their skills. The one I am participating in is for Australian residents only, but there is tons of other ones out there if you feel like searching for them!

Here is the link to the one I mentioned, with all the guidelines and judges’ profiles included: 

If you do end up participating I wish you all the best!


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5 thoughts on “Hope Against Hope

  1. Diversifying your topics, opens the mind to unexplored horizons and can only enrichen the mind if a writer, remember Clive Cussler, his underlying theme is to save man from the evil of man, read how many adventurous ways he does this, how would he answer the Hope against Hope, test. And so this topic, can be applied to various writings. My advice is to write, write and re-read, aromatherapy, walks in HIS wonderous nature, then write some more……

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  2. Correction: mind OF a writer,


  3. your prose is excellent and your use of adjectives really draws a reader in. you got skills. good luck in the competition.

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