V. The Time I Gained My Voice: Patta’s Story


Patta shivering: a rough sketch

The life of a foximunk is not as easy as one would think.

When a foximunk is born, a ritual is immediately performed to determine what magical ability they innately possess. Then the Council of Parents test their survival abilities of the little ones by abandoning them for at least a week in the wilderness. An eternally long, terrifying, and wit-crushing week.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

If you answered yes, then I hope a Dargul will find you and swallow you whole, you little piece of dung!


Sorry about that.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you the story of how I survived and became best friends with the amazing wizard named Lotta (she’s soooo cool!). My name is Patta and I once was one of those little poor foximunks… Except for the fact that THEY got abilities like controlling water or fire, or being able to fly, or some other USEFUL power they need to survive that idiotic trial. Guess what I got?

Nope, you guessed wrong. I didn’t get a thing. No cool powers for me. As you can imagine, my parents (and the whole lair) pitied me so much they pleaded with the Council to exempt me from the trial. But, no! That stupid Council that is supposed test magical abilities, decided that I, the magic-less, talent-less, innocent, and most clumsy foximunk of all had to follow the rules and policies set by our long dead ancestors (who really wouldn’t care about my existence in the first place).

Fast-forward a bit and I found myself cold and shivering from the rain in the middle of the most brutal wilderness found in the world: the dark alleys of the most run down neighborhood of Empire City. Yes, you guessed right. It was the infamous Frettleden.

The place was crawling with the most ruthless and horrible beasts one can find in the world. Actually, I’ve learned as much as I could about them before the trial begun. These creatures are called humans. They are big, very big. They have some sort of skin condition that makes them loose fur in some parts of their bodies, but not others. Also, they have this nasty tendency to tear apart the ground, trees, flowers, and all the beautiful things and turn them into stone. Very dirty stone. Apart from that, they were completely alien to me.

Ah, I forgot to mention one thing. These humans, they hunt us foximunks and either sell or drain us from magic. That’s what the trial is all about: to not get caught. So far there has been three cases of victims recorded in history since the trials begun centuries ago. These poor little guys were never found.

Back to me.

I was freezing to death, hiding behind rubbish bins when I realized I kept hearing voices. They were no more louder than whispers, still it made me think I was actually dying. Or going mad out fright. I was trying to figure out which one it was, when suddenly the bins protecting me fell down and two pairs of human legs appeared in front of me. I looked up at them and immediately started running. The cage they were carrying was enough of a hint to let me figure out they were poachers. I tried my best to escape, but I was too slow. They threw a well-made net at me, reinforced with weights to keep me down. I felt the rising terror in me as I realized it was over; there was no foximunks around to save me. If I wasn’t so scared, I would realize that the closer the poachers got to me, the louder the voices became in my head. Instead, I was frozen in fear and as much as I tried, I could not move a limb.

You wouldn’t believe what happened next.

A little girl suddenly popped up out of thin air between me and the two men. She was so tiny! The poachers looked at least three times her size. Maybe four. She had thick, mahogany hair that looked like a big messy nest covering half of her back. She was wearing a simple green dress, that sprayed mud everywhere when she suddenly spun around in a circle. She looked at me and then back at the two men, who were standing completely still, unsure of what was happening.

Then I heard it.

I heard her voice in my mind. It was amazing! I finally understood that my ability was to read human minds (maybe it works on other creatures too? As long as they’re not foximunks…). The girl’s thoughts sounded so soothing and beautiful, they calmed me down. It took a moment longer for me to understand the words formed in her mind, the first words I’ve ever heard.

‘Mom’s gonna be soooo mad. I am in very, veeeery deep poop.’

Not really what I expected. However then, her thinking shifted; she knew what was going on and she started considering all the options she had when the poachers finally shook off their initial surprise. They cursed out loud, threatening the little girl, who in response yelled back.

‘GUAAAAARDS!!! HELP ME, HELP ME!’ normally no one would hear her cry for help in the empty alley, but she cleverly enhanced it with magic. I couldn’t believe my eyes (and ears for that matter). A little girl like that could use magic!

Yet, something was wrong. The poachers weren’t backing out, instead they were both thinking of quickly silencing the girl. I had to warn her somehow! She was kneeling next to me, tugging at the net and trying to take it off, when I screamed terrified.

‘Run! He’s going to kill you!’ I yelled in human tongue. The girl stared at me with wide eyes, but did not move one bit. Unexpectedly she turned her head around and looked behind me.

‘Babi!’ she cried. After that I can’t remember what happened. I know I felt powerful magic, but then I think I lost consciousness. The next thing I knew, I was awake surrounded by soft material, in what looked like a human lair. A pair of dark green eyes was watching me closely, gleaming in what seemed like excitement.

‘Hi. My name is Lotta. I hope that we can be friends.’ said the little girl who saved my life. At precisely that moment, I gained a new family member.

Also, I became the first foximunk in history to befriend a human creature. And, talk in their tongue. And read their minds.

How awesome is that?


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4 thoughts on “V. The Time I Gained My Voice: Patta’s Story

  1. on said:

    You peeked my curiosity to see how foximunk got out of his situation, Celine. Good work.

    Are you over the flu? We wish you all the best of health

    Love forever 🙂

    Granny and Grampy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Abandonment is so painful, morbid curiosity of someone’s gifts is also deviant, thank you for underlining these perverse ways, not limited to foximunks. As for “dung”, don’t apologize, but leave it to JESUS to rebuke those to the dung heap, and I share your understanding of not wanting to be of this world, in the way “humans” are, you are very precise in describing their basic attributes. The new member of your Family, in the Love of life,
    a child, is a beautiful survival line, remember The WORD, then you wrote about the Light, now you write about a new Life, what will your next episode be about?


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