Jadeite Empress

A purple drop escaped the gold-tipped fingernail. The Empress stared, fascinated as it evaporated before reaching the ground.
Poison, a marvelous thing. It brought a certain elegance to what was altogether a brutish deed.
“You did well, Ti” said the Empress, her green lips curving into a dangerous smile. Ti knew it was time to leave, but the curiosity became too strong to resist.
“If I may Empress… Why poison? It is not in our clan’s tradition… ”
“Oh, my dear Ti. Have you forgotten who I am?”
as she swung around to face him, the golden rings strung through her ebony hair danced to their own chime. Ti’s voice got caught, a ball of panic swelling fast as if he had a growing fungus inside his throat.
He saw the Empress lift her index finger and before he had the chance to cry out, his body was crushed from every side by stone serpents. The very stone he had just been standing on.
“Your majesty…” he managed to croak out.
“My dear Ti.” she said softly as one of the serpents gently caressed his cheek, “Your services are no longer needed.”
The cheek became a bloody hole as the serpents shot through his face, tearing his head apart. The Jadeite Empress, smiled lightly as she rung the service bell. The blood made the floor too slippery for her liking.


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4 thoughts on “Jadeite Empress

  1. Stylistic wise, the denoument is quick and to the point, exposing the “fil conducteur” evil. “Trust no man” a famous quote. Read on.


  2. -Ink Hart on said:

    I have no idea why you doubt yourself and your work! the environments and characters you develop and create are incredible.

    Well penned!

    Liked by 1 person

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