There was not enough time.
Where are the tears?
I should be there by your side.
Ah, there they are.
Why didn’t I call earlier?
They are burning my face.
I should have asked to Skype him.
They stopped suddenly.
I feel numb.
I need to call her.
What’s wrong with my body?
Grampy, I miss you.
Are those limbs mine?
I want to hold you one last time.
I’m sorry.


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One thought on “Grampy

  1. When such Love shows on your heart, when the tears aren’t enough, that’s when you need to be with your family. Thank you , isn’t enough,for writing your heart and sharing your feelings. I Love you and think that you should forward this to your sister. Her feelings need to be opened up. With Loving gratitude, Always your Mom.


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