A Reply to Lauren Southern’s “Why I’m Not a Feminist”

When I first watched Lauren’s video, it resonated in some ways with how I felt about feminism. Still, after taking a gender studies unit at my university, there were things she was saying that did not add up. Feminism is such a touchy subject, and is misused and misunderstood by many. This response is long, but on point and has the appropriate evidence. One thing I will always believe in is that men need to be part of fighting for equality as much as women.

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Dear Lauren,

In the last couple days, I have seen your video “Why I’m Not a Feminist” pop up a few times. In the video, you describe why you are not a feminist. At the heart of your message is the assertion, “I am not a feminist because I believe both genders should be treated equally.” Setting aside for a moment the problems with your assumption that gender can be reduced to a binary of male/female (here’s a decent introduction to that if you want), I want to talk about the misinformation you offer in your video: misinformation about feminist activism and scholarship, and misinformation about domestic violence and rape. I don’t often find engaging in these types debates online to be the most fruitful use of my energies, since people that produce anti-feminist content generally are not very open to meaningful engagement with feminist thought, however I’ve been stewing over your…

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15 thoughts on “A Reply to Lauren Southern’s “Why I’m Not a Feminist”

  1. Have enjoyed very much, Lauren’s views on feminism and think that unfortunately the debate got limited by the negative feminists that can’t see over their inflated egos and demand for statistical lowly academic paper work ( WC ). Sesela will understand WC


    • Have you read the response to the video?


      • It is a long and negative response with undertones of bigotry. I like Lauren’s outline and I like her thoughts. Do you think Lauren stands alone with her thoughts on equality? My 10 year experience with Centrum Praw Kobiet, was very enlightening (statistic work included) and not feminist, or with overtones of baring my chest to prove a point, or refusing help from men,… To the point, the long overdrawn response to Lauren’s video is just that snide and bigoted. Thanks for helping me formulate my response, further my thoughts on chivalry are that it is a replacement of politeness put in the way of sexist plan to overcome female resistance to the dominant male. So, get over the response to Lauren’s video and join the world of peaceful equality. Hate answers easy to any challenge of fanatical authoritarism, both ways. Open mind doesn’t mean hole in head. Love.


      • If you would have read the whole response you would have known that Lauren in turn responded and they decided to have an open discussion about it. There is nothing bigoted or snide about the response to Lauren’s video. She talks about how feminists were fighting for men’s rights!


  2. PS leave a reply about my painting of your profile, will you, sent it 3 days ago, still no reaction, feel perhaps you don’t like it…


  3. So? And do you think my response is limited to their debate?


    • No, but please explain to me how the response is bigoted. She actually provides research and evidence supporting her claims, compared to Lauren.


      • Have a more neutral approach, then the light will show you who is bigoted. Please refrain from attacking, rather get on the way to a more elevated understanding of equality and semantics in overtones of condescending mannerisms. Just the” ( here’s a decent …)” is snide and shows how the rest of her attitude evolves to bigotry.


      • No, it does not. She pointed out facts and supported it with evidence. I took a gender studies course and I am familiar with all of her arguments. Please read the whole paper before making any judgements on me or her.


      • No judgements on you. Reread my initial comment on Lauren’s video, whatever else is written doesn’t take away from her very brief exposee on her thoughts, which are also substantiated. Also, you ignore the content of my comments, to expand on my 10 year experience in Working as a volunteer and as a victim of male abuse, further, have done myself on hands investigation of domestic violence, proves what Lauren is saying is very true. Your academic gender studies fall short of experiencing domestic violence and statistics don’t shine a light, when prison wardens hide the facts or Criminal Courts won’t allow to publish all the truth. Meaning that men fall victim to abuse as well, an example: man beats wife for years, finally, wife fights back, in defence kills man, she’s in prison, and statistics show that man is victim,… Just another way to look at it. Woman’s rights Center work, showed me that men and women can work together for a better future. Further, the article on Lauren has proof of what? Does this mean that Lauren is wrong? Why? Can you answer?

        Believe in the Ten Commandments, a perfect guideline for civilisation.


      • Here’s a part of the response to the video.

        4. You say: There are more men raped in prison than women, but “feminists remain silent on the issue”.

        The claim that feminists have remained silent on this is just plain false. First of all, feminists fought front and center to change the federal definition of rape to include male victims (and to include other forms of rape, like statutory rape), which it previously hadn’t. It was the Feminist Majority Foundation and Ms.magazine that launched a campaign called “Rape is Rape”, culminating in changes to the old definition that didn’t include men. Second, feminists led the broad coalition advocating for the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, which works to protect all prisoners from sexual assault (the majority of whom are men). (Relatedly, you may also note that women and feminists have been at the forefront of challenging rape in the military, which also affects many men.) Prison rape remains a really serious issue that affects thousands, and is certainly something that deserves more attention than it currently receives, including among feminists. However, among those who are fighting on this issue, feminists are there and they are not silent. For more feminists working on issues of incarceration or detention (some specifically dealing with rape), try Angela Davis (2003, 2005), Dillon (2012), Gilmore and Loyd (2013), Jackson (2013), Lamble (2013), Puar (2007), Sabo and Kupers (2001), Sundbury (2005), and others.


  4. Have you read the comments on both the article and Lauren’s video?


  5. Then you have it, why not read the comments of others as well.


  6. Is there something else you would prefer to read?


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