Lost in Creativity…?

Have you ever made a list of projects you’re just itching to start and then got lost in all the ideas? I bet you have.

And it’s not only projects, but hobbies as well… You see, I want to:

  • Get high on the smell of books (also eventually finish reading them, goddammit *no offence Mom*)
  • Kill stuff in video games.
  • Dabble in Magic… Meaning fix my Magic deck.
  • Finish fiddling with this huge crochet project (and stop stabbing my surroundings when I screw up)
  • Improve my amazingly awful sewing skills so I can get going on that cool medieval chemise pattern I spent money on.
  • … and sew the Ruby cosplay costume… (not sure if that one is ever gonna happen)
  • Write. Like seriously. Including the book I have in mind, this blog, my diary, and just overall practice writing more.FotorCreated
  • *in a super whiny voice* I wanna watch Outlander again…
  • RWBY card game design. I’m at the stage where I need to re-watch all the episodes… For research purposes, obviously.
  • And draw chibi characters of my friends (at least without any crooked eyes)

See what I did to myself? Trying to pick what to do next is killing me. How can I keep track of all the social media crap as well (including reading WordPress articles)? Compiling that list helped me realise I am not only deep in rainbow poop, I’m about to drown in it and become a zombie unicorn.

Actually, that would be cool.


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10 thoughts on “Lost in Creativity…?

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  2. The easiest way to beat the writing blues is to set aside a part of the day that you dedicate to JUST writing. This is your sacred time where you get no interruptions and a steady supply of tea. Try for early in the morning to avoid getting tired and grumpy.l It’s hard (good lord is it hard), but you’ll eventually train yourself to be able to write each and every day.
    Good luck.

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  3. After years of aimlessly creating all manner of things, I’m finally in a routine/pattern of writing. This problem you describe is so easy to relate to.
    Someone once gave me a name that I think applies perfectly to you also:
    Serial Hobbyist.
    I think for me at least, divide and conquer was the wrong strategy. It depends 100% on your personality though.
    I hope you get this sorted out soon, so you can shine at whichever thing(s) you love doing the most.


    • Serial Hobbyist is such an accurate name! You’re right dividing it didn’t work for me either. I decided to focus as much as I can on writing before uni starts! Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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