Of The Wind

The assassination will take place during the Grand Council assembly.

The Grandmaster’s eyes were piercing Sora, their milky hue more disturbing than the young Shugenja would admit.  Why was he looking at her? He couldn’t possibly think…

Haru, you will be the leader. May your body be one with Wind.

She almost jumped when the Grandmaster’s voice tore through her mind again. Getting used to mind-sharing will take time, or so her father said. Sora couldn’t understand how anyone could bear such an intrusion. For a split second she was thrown out of her head, only to come back to the old man’s cold and oddly sticky presence he left behind like a foul after-taste.

Aoi, Jiro, Kaito, you will be the followers. May your body be one with Wind.

At the sound of Kaito’s name, her heart sunk. Everyone knew it was a suicide mission. She couldn’t stand watching him receive the honors, so she stared at the floor instead. Despite all her efforts, a drop escaped her eye, marking the wooden plank with a dark spot. Not brother.

Sora, you will join them. May your body be one with Wind.

Twenty heads turned, their eyes judging, questioning, disbelieving. She could see her confusion in the wind shaking the house. Realizing she lost control, Sora quickly calmed her emotions. She will have time to deal with them later. The wind, now a small breeze, blew through her charcoal hair as she slowly walked through the small crowd. She couldn’t help but notice how much lighter their bows were compared to the other Heroes.

“Grandmaster! Please reconsider. Sora just turned seventeen…” said Kaito, dropping to the floor, his face emotionless to everyone but his little sister.

“I won’t disappoint you, Grandmaster.” she said, kneeling before him her hands outstretched.  The wakizashi fell into her hands, it’s sheath cold and smooth against her pale skin.


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One thought on “Of The Wind

  1. Good day! Your story is emotion packed.
    Have been reading world news and your short story has certain elements that ring a bell, “suicide mission” … Please keep writing and please remember writing makes perfect, certain heroes are also very present in our everyday lives.


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