Relationship Status With Sandman: Complicated

He is being really stubborn today. I have a feeling he is trying to hang bags of sand off my eyelids. Was he always this persistent? Maybe things between us became more personal after I turned most of my blood into caffeine.

He can’t be mad at me for wanting to have some time away from his dream space. I have a feeling I will need to have a little chat with him next time I nap. You know, to set some boundaries. For starters, no more throwing sand in my face whenever the caffeine wears off. That’s just mean…

sleep deprivation

P.S. If you are not familiar with Sarah’s work, I highly recommend her comic strips!!!



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8 thoughts on “Relationship Status With Sandman: Complicated

  1. Truly enjoyable! Fun metaphors, COMEDY! Good rhythm, and do write more! The timing in writing this type is usually very difficult to achieve. You’ve succeeded with ease, sharp!

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  2. Lovely. Mr Sandman should bring you a dream after that wonderful tribute.

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  3. This is me some days… Writing until one in the morning and getting up before 6 am… 😉

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