I’ll (Try) Make A Nest For You

Bean bags are not the best supporting material for building forts. They have basically no structural integrity and behave more like fluid trapped inside over-stretched balloons. And yet, I was too proud and stubborn to admit these simple facts. I was bent on making something special and original, and kept resisting the urge to use the familiar simplicity of pillows and blankets.

Honestly, it was a hopeless situation. I stood there, for more than ten minutes staring at a stack of bean bags, unsure of what to do. In my mind, the stack looked more like a pile of dry sand. No matter how hard you tried to give it a nice shape, say that of a castle, the sand would just keep on spilling to the sides.

“If only Julie was here to do the thing…” I started thinking out loud, while tapping my foot anxiously on the floor, an all too familiar sign of a mental block. What does Julie usually do in those extremely rare moments?

“Breath in and out. And again, in and out…” her voice rang in my head, as nagging and intrusive as in real life. Frustrated to no end, I still heeded her advice and started breathing like a puffed up idiot. All that air in my lungs, how could it possibly help? It’s so irrelevant…

“GAH, FOR THE LOVE OF ME!” how could I be so stupid? Air mattresses! FREAKING AIR MATTRESSES!!! Now, it was just a matter of designing the fort and my love for you would finally be proven… Hopefully. I mean, what else would they want from me?


Drawn embarrassingly by me



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18 thoughts on “I’ll (Try) Make A Nest For You

  1. I love your sketch. I think it’s awesome.

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  2. Quite an original way for a nest! Beans! So, then how do you give shape and rest you back in beans! Gosh! A matter for a gardener!


  3. Super sketch 😉

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  4. I like the sketch too.

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  5. Ha ha ha…. I like your true comment on your sketch…Your sketching is very good so don’t embarrass to draw.

    I also like to draw sketches and love drawing and painting both along with writing. You have a talent or skill. Improve it. Keep it up as your past time hobby.

    BTW, Your blog is really good and your post too. I really like and love it.

    Keep blogging…sketching and stay connected with me…. 🙂

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  6. I’m excited to explore your site! as a failed anthropology major, I admire you! Also, writing and the study of humans go hand in hand…much love and great posts.

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