Always Past And Future, Never Present

I need to post something. Anything! It’s been eleven days, ELEVEN!!!

I was sitting, unattractively hunched in front of a giant computer screen, at my favorite Uni library. The coffee on my left was barely touched; it doesn’t take much to turn me into an unstoppable babbling machine, so I was taking it slow. 

My calendar was lying open in front of me with a long list of assessments and readings I had to complete that day. I don’t know about you, but lists always give me conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I can immerse myself in a comforting illusion of an organized life, on the other hand the sheer lengths of them make me all panicky when I process it with a procrastinator’s mind.

I looked down at the list, then back at the screen again.

I closed my calendar, logged into WordPress, and stared blankly at the white emptiness of my new post. I wanted to write something so badly, but my brain decided to fart rainbows instead. The only thing I could think of is the upcoming medieval Rowany Festival I’ll be attending during the Easter break. I’m learning how to sew period dresses that don’t look like potato bags!

sewing meme

I can’t wait to dress up in medieval clothes, camp with friends, and then watch them fight.

rowany festival

Rowany Festival, Photo: Steven Siewert

This fascination with recreating the past, made me question my interests from a writer’s perspective:


I love both the creative worlds of the past and that of the future.

The possibility of the past already experienced by humanity, and the impossibility of the future that is out of my reach.

Fantasy, science-fiction, and all its subgenres.

But why?

After some thinking, I figured out that although they seem to be contradictory in themes, they all have one main thing in common: they are virtual worlds. Whether textual, digital, or any other medium, they create an alternate reality that is different from the experiences of my day to day to life. The other, the different, the unknown becomes the exciting, the compelling, the inspiring. At this point I might as well be accused of escapism, but who cares?

I have my poisoned daggers, invisible cloak, and a zeppelin, thus I’m off to fight monsters, save cities, and uh… do my uni assessments, I guess.

medieval meme


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13 thoughts on “Always Past And Future, Never Present

  1. Have you been nominated for a liebster? I just assumed you had. If you’re interested I wanted to add you to the post. Let me know!

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  2. I understand the frustration of a long list of to does, putting them off for a trip to slay dragons and dream of medevil, is something that allows accumulation of frustration when in uni. Well, since you are attracted to the white of the page. Be. My dream in front of a white canvas, the excitement is astounding, where is the first brush of colour going to be? Will it turn out? Then when all is composed, SATISFACTION, cares subside, no more frustration pure enjoyment, anchored in reality of time. Time. If you sew your costumes, then your satisfaction will be fulfilled, it’s what you’re crying for, and at uni, you could base stitch, the complicated parts of your costumes: the ARMS are at first difficult to fit with the bodice, and save time. Get an oral reader for your articles, investigate other sciences that coincide with your greater interests. There seems to be a dycotomy.
    Courage, as said in French.

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    • I am super excited about learning how to sew. I was not convinced at first, but I’m learning from my mistakes and I love it. I bought rose colored linen and I can’t wait to make a dress out of it (I’ll practice on my scrap linen first). I prefer reading over listening, because I write notes at the same time and it’s easier for me to remember the content. Thank you for your comment 🙂


      • Well, it’s so fun to make clothing, because you mentioned it, last week, went and bought a fun sewing machine at ikea. Rose linen, what a treat, one of my favourite textiles, is exactly linen.


  3. posts I can relate to.

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