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Top Tip on Being a Vampire


By Happy Mashiro

‘Let’s be real. One of the best things about being a vampire is your vagina not painfully draining of blood each month. Now you get to do the draining, anywhere and any time you want!’  Read more…




I’m looking for advice you see,
I have a crush on Ms. Anonymous
But I’ve been throwing lots of dice to see,
If she’s better than Ms. Recognised
Yet, I need to think thrice you see,
There’s another one, Ms. Solitude
She’s also really nice to see
Though cutting in on Ms. Engaged
What should I do? You tell me

They’ve all been at war
Killing me
And the fact of it all
Is I won’t be
The hole at the end of

*My first attempt at a poem and I’ve received some help from an awesome Panda*

Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother


By Joysuke Wong

Another empty beer bottle smashed against the wall, the broken glass cutting her arm as she tried to move out of the way. Followed by a stream of curses, she quickly made her way to the kitchen and grabbed another drink from the fridge.

She was no longer surprised by how long it took for his cold mask to drop and reveal the sadistic monster she never got to know until the knot was tied. Read more…

How to boost your confidence in 10 steps for writers

I was going to write a post about being unworthy of the liebster award that I was nominated for about a month ago. This morning I woke up thinking, I’m not good enough to be a writer anymore. After all, I haven’t posted anything for a moth. This morning as well, I was told by a quite sophisticated panda that I’m being absurd. I can’t just give up because I have some silly doubts. I have to keep writing or die trying.

*dramatic pause*

Actually, I’d rather not die, but you get the gist. Anyway, here is a blog post by Pleats and Keats, that really did boost my confidence as a writer (right after the lecture I received from a stubborn and loving panda).

Embrace your inner artist and develop writer’s self esteem! It’s an important part of being a confident creative!writing tips

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