Quick Thought On Boobs

I don’t have much time, so I’ll make it short. There’s something that the world needs to know, before Uni drains me of life again.


They are sexy. They are used for breastfeeding.

Which means they can be both.

So stop trying to desexualise boobs or try to only make them sexual. When they’re breastfeeding they’re not sexual. Other times it’s, you know, fine to think they’re sexy.

So can EVERYONE (yes that certainly includes men) just cover up unless:

  1. They’re breastfeeding
  2. They’re in an area where it is appropriate to show your nipples. Like the beach.


Awesome, we got this sorted. Love ya and have a nice day filled with boobies (all consensual and such).


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2 thoughts on “Quick Thought On Boobs

  1. Good one 🙂

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